Hello and WELCOME @OM FESTIVAL Homepagehier ist der text in deutsch :)
The MAP supplies a good overview of the hole OM Aereal.
If u look for Chill, Mall, Mainfloor or other ranges, like also the OM FESTIVAL TEMPLE- in the MAP you can
find and..if u want choose a direct teleport (over SLURL) to OM FESTIVAL in SL.
We have already organsided many festivals and parties on OM like u can see in the History.
Always remain at thecurrent,check the NEWS .
DOWNLOAD obligingly/pleasingly??? Tutorials, free textures, a.s.o.
Look frequently in this Coin to sample all needed downloads and tips.
We hope you will enjoy browsing through our project descriptions, and naturally also with the attendance on
OM FESTIVAL in Second Life.
If u have some request, don't hesitate to ask the OM CREW .
Sorry..Some sides are still in development:)
We have now a Myspace Account


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